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Reliable Bulk Fuel Delivery

You can rely on Bowman Fuels Ltd. for commercial, residential and marine bulk fuel as well as furnace and stove oil deliveries. All of our distillates are classified as ultra-low sulfur, mandated at 5 parts per million, to meet strict government emissions guidelines. We also provide DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) for new truck engines, available in bulk, cases of 5 L jugs, and 208 liter drums. Ethanol-free fuel is available, and our modern truck fleet is comprised of late model vehicles with state-of-the-art on-board technology. All are equipped to deliver high quality Petro-Canada products to our customer base in a safe and efficient manner, every time.

With Petro-Canada, you can count on a world-class leader in bulk fuel marketing to provide you with quality Canadian products. Whether you’re in construction, general manufacturing, forestry, drilling, mining, farming or a fleet business we deliver best-in-class service safely and reliably to your site.

Why Bulk Fuel Delivery?

Having fuel delivered to you in bulk allows you to:

  • Store fuel directly on-site so you can access it any time in any quantity
  • Lower operating costs
  • Refuel your fleet whenever it’s convenient for you
  • Make sure the fuel products are there when you need them

If you need to upgrade your current on-site tank or set up a new one, we’re happy to assist you.


“Our location is kind of secluded and when the weather turns great, we can go through a pile of gas. Bowman’s have responded, and provided me with reassurance of supply and delivery. Friendly staff always call to remind me of what to order, and what day, as sometimes it gets so busy I have no time and this is very reassuring.”

-Drew, Marina Owner

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