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On site refuelling service

Bowman Fuels is Your Local On-Site Refuelling Service

On site refuelling

Bowman Fuels is the first local company in Barrie offering mobile refuelling. We deliver directly to your vehicles, generators, and construction equipment, so you don’t need to store fuel on site while still starting each shift with freshly fuelled equipment.

Schedule our on-site refuelling service in Barrie and surrounding areas to reduce downtime and cut down on overtime!

Let us show you how we can substantially reduce your fuel costs with our customized on-site refuelling service.

Our value added service uses on board computers and handheld scanners that can track your consumption and provide itemized statements to your online account, so your business can track vital fuel management reports.

Ethanol-Free Fuels

We can provide ethanol-free fuel and have it delivered to you with our modern truck with state-of-the-art on-board technology. We're equipped to safely and efficiently deliver our products, which include:

  • Clear diesel fuel
  • Dyed diesel fuel
  • Furnace oil
  • Stove oil
  • Regular E-10 gasoline
  • Ethanol-free midgrade gasoline
  • Ethanol-free premium gasoline
on site refuelling

We also supply Petro-Canada lubricants .


“We came into a tough situation where we could not get a delivery, in the middle of Canada Day long weekend. Despite numerous phone calls, I could not reach our former supplier, so I called Bowman Fuels, because I knew they cared about my business. I reached one of their sales staff, on holidays out of Province, and figured my chances were slim for delivery. The salesman arranged a delivery and with help from the owner as well I got a delivery within 2 hours. Talk about going the extra mile - I was very impressed, and we continue to use them as their prompt deliveries service level and pricing is unparalleled."

-Geordie, Muskoka Marina Owner

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